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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pin Art

Following up on the whole "getting stabbed by a machine" post, I've decided to put up some pictures of Pin Art. Pin Art is the finely honed craft of smashing a pin with the needle of your sewing machine, so that the pin bends down into the mechanical workings of the machine, and the only way it can be extracted is with pliers and swearing. We've taken this process to a higher form, and over the last couple of years, have saved some of the better sculptures, displaying them in a tiny shadow box for all to see:Here are some lovely pictures of the Art out of their display box:

Clearly, you can see where the sewing machine needle hit the pin, forcing it into a "U" shape. Some of the pieces were damaged during extraction, but for the most part, they are intact. I have included an Art Creation Tool (top center) to show the damage that occurs to it when Pin Art is made.

Now, don't despair -- you too can become a fine artist. Simply refuse to remove the pins from your work before you run it under the needle, and then practice, practice, practice. Within a short time, you should have Pin Art of your own to display... and a machine with crappy tension.

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