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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Swatch #14 Horseshoe Cable

I don't really think this looks like a horseshoe, but I can see why they call it that. OK: Swatch #14.

<-- Here is the swatch from the front side. I don't know why it photographed all wobbly, it's really pretty straight. This is the one that I wish I'd taken a picture of before I blocked it, b/c it looked as bad a newly knit lace. All wadded up and pathetic. Blocked fantastically, though! I used the knitted-on cast-on again, since it's a forgiving CO, and I've never done this cable. I referred to Vogue's Ultimate Knitting Book pg. 154 for a photo and instructions on how to do this. The TKGA instructions are actually better, but it helps me to see the finished product. I ended this swatch after pattern row #3 (TKGA instruction row 3), which is basically the middle of the horseshoe. I'd reached the required length, and didn't want to end it in the middle of a cable cross.
For this one, I used the Traditional Bind-Off, in pattern. I'm still not sure I'm doing the "in pattern" right, but here's how I bound off: 4k, 2p, 8k, 2p, 4k, and then the last st I did the little trick I learned. It looks good to me. Actually, I think this swatch looks better than the others, having fewer "holes" or uneven sts.
Here is the back for comparison -->
Again, I don't know why it looks wobbly in the photo, as it's pretty straight in person. Whatever. This is why you send the real thing, and not a picture.
This week, I need to weave in all my ends and label everything. I got manila cards to use, and I've got stickers to put on them, I just keep forgetting to print them out.
I've done the 1st question (wow), but have been ignoring the "write a paragraph..." question #2, as I am lazy. :)

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