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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Category 2: Good Art that I Don't Like

OK, if anyone is actually following along, this is the category that will probably cause the greatest amount of people to become incensed. Before I begin, I would like to state that (except for Basquiat and Warhol) my dislike of a particular piece of art does not translate into my dislike for all art by that artist. Again, I'm using very famous examples, because these are pieces that the greatest amount of people will agree are "Good Art." If you would like to see more about a piece of art, or the artist that created it, just click it. Want to debate? Bring it on! :)

1) First, Andy Warhol. I HATE Andy Warhol. I hate "Pop Art." No, really: hate it. I don't care about innovation, I think it's cheap looking, and it sucks. I hate Warhol so much, I'm including two pieces:

That may be a well-executed painting of a can of soup, but it's a damn can of soup!

And I KNOW four-year-olds that could paint these pictures of Marilyn. I don't care if he was the first one to do it, or that it stood the art world on its ear, or opened the door to new pathways for artists. I think Warhol sucks.

2) Jean-Michel Basquiat. This guy was a homeless degenerate. Not that I think that homeless degenerates can't become great artists, but Basquiat didn't. Total garbage. I haven't seen a single piece of his that I enjoyed, and I've been to TWO museums that were hosting tours of his art. Bleaugh!

3) Edgar Degas. Actually, I like most of Degas' paintings. What I don't like are the ballerinas. I don't know why. I just don't like them. Maybe I don't like ballerinas.

4) Claude Monet's Water Lillies. I have never liked this painting. I find it boring. As far as impressionists go, I've never been impressed. Very rarely, I find one particular painting that I like, but it isn't this one. The popularity of this astounds me.

5) OK, I only like half of Vincent van Gogh's art. This is my least favorite. The thing that really annoys me is that I SHOULD like it. I WANT to like it. I just don't. I'm irritated by the swirls in the sky -- they distract me from the really well- done, creepy little village below the scary mountain. Or tree. Or whatever it is -- I can't tell.

It wasn't my intention to pick all dead artists. These were the first pieces of art that I thought of as "good," so that should tell you the level of popularity. All Good. All Art I Don't Like. :)

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  1. Ha! I was at a Monet exhibit, standing in front of the water lilies, when I remarked that the painting reminded me of bathroom wallpaper. I got a LOT of dirty looks! I wasn't trying to be rude or disrespectful, it was just my reaction to standing in front of it. (And as I recall, it's a HUGE painting, so it could have been a wall on it's own!)